realme narzo 50a prime

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16.7cm (6.6'') FHD+

5000mAh Massive Battery

Triple Camera

18W Quick Charge

Powerful Unisoc
T612 Processor

8.1mm Ultra Slim Speed Texture Design

Big on power. Small in size.

8.1mm Ultra Slim

By continuously optimizing the internal structure of the phone, it eventually reached thinness of 8.1 milimet, which makes it very comfortable to lớn hold in the hand, and realme narzo 50A Prime is also the thinnest phone in the narzo series.*

Texture Design

realme narzo 50A Prime continues the tốc độ texture design of the narzo 50, and the unique textured design fully embodies the sense of competitive tốc độ. Hold the phone in your hand and it looks lượt thích a mini racing xế hộp.

16.7cm (6.6”)

Fullscreen Vivid Details, Immersive Games

With a large 6.6-inch screen and a resolution of up to lớn 2408*1080, you can clearly see your opponent's every move in the game scene, quickly grasp the game situation, and strike quickly.*


FHD+ Resolution*


Screen-to-body Ratio*

5000mAh Massive Battery

Massive Power All Day

It's hard to lớn imagine a 5000mAh ultra-large battery inside a phone as thin as 8.1mm, which brings you all-day power, whether playing games or watching videos without worrying about the battery.*






Ultra Power Saving Mode

When the phone's battery is relatively low, no need to lớn worry, turn on the Ultra Power Saving Mode, even if only 5% of the battery is left, it can still fully satisfy your need to lớn use the phone.

18W Quick Charge

Flash Charging

The realme narzo 50A Prime is equipped with an 18W charging solution to lớn ensure that your phone can be charged both safely and efficiently.

Unisoc T612 Processor

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Mighty Performance

All-new Unisoc T612 processor boasts superb performance with an AnTuTu* Benchmark score of 214,150, delivering a stable and smooth experience while gaming. The advanced 12nm process with octa-core CPU architecture brings efficient and reliable performance to lớn the phone.*


AnTuTu Benchmark Score

ARM Cortex-A75

Up to lớn 1.82GHz

Up to 4GB + 128GB


50MP AI Triple Camera

Take great pictures with ease

50MP Primary Camera

f/1.8 Aperture

Macro Lens

f/2.4 Aperture

50MP Mode

Ultra Macro Mode

B&W Portrait

8MP AI Selfie Camera

Fast-side Fingerprint

Simply touch your finger to lớn the side of the phone and the phone will unlock quickly and securely.

3-Card Slot
Up to lớn 1TB External Memory

With tư vấn for 3-Card slot and 1TB external memory, the phone gives you a large storage experience beyond your imagination.

Based on Android 11

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