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what is BTRoblox extension and how lớn use it

Addicted lớn playing Roblox games with your friends, but aren’t the biggest người yêu thích of the cluttered website? Well, we have a simple fix for that. Dubbed BTRoblox, this popular extension lets Roblox users customize the trang web interface, enable or disable features, and get additional functionality. This extension is not only useful for seasoned players but also a boon for newbies. That said, let’s look at how you can install and use the BTRoblox extension in your browser lớn enhance the experience.

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The BTRoblox (or Better Roblox) extension is available lớn tải về for Google Chrome and Firefox. But you can install this Roblox Chrome extension on any Chromium-based browser, including Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc.

We are using Chrome for this tutorial, but the steps mostly remain the same for other browsers. That said, go through the steps below lớn tải về this extension:

1. Launch your preferred browser and go lớn the BTRoblox extension page (Chrome or Firefox).

2. Next, click the “Add lớn Chrome” button.

btroblox - add lớn chrome

3. A pop-up will now appear on your screen. Click the “Add extension” button.

add extension lớn BTRoblox

And that’s it. You have successfully installed the BTRoblox extension in your browser. Now comes the most important part, what features does this extension bring lớn Roblox? That’s exactly what we are going lớn discuss later in this article.

How lớn Use BTRoblox on Roblox Website

Once you have installed the extension, open the Roblox trang web, and you’ll notice some differences right away. We have discussed them in the next section. For now, you should know that there are two ways lớn access BTRoblox settings:

Firstly, you can click the “Settings” cog at the top right on the Roblox trang web and select “BTR Settings” from the drop-down thực đơn.

BTR settings

Alternatively, you can pin the BTRoblox extension in your browser and click the same lớn access the settings options. The former is the easier method, though.

roblox settings 2

Best Features of BTRoblox Extension

Right off the bat, the difference in the Roblox UI will be noticeable lớn regular users. The BTRoblox extension simplifies the trang web interface, removing redundant menus, moving around some options, and redesigning the profile page, among other things.

You can see that the home page option is moved from the sidebar lớn the top navigation bar, along with profile, friends, and messages options (now available at the top right). With the primary UI differences out of the way,

original roblox themeroblox trang web themes

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Original Roblox trang web (L) vs Themed Roblox trang web (R)

Now that you know how lớn install the BTRoblox extension and access the settings, it is time lớn look at the best features it brings lớn the Roblox trang web. So, here are the major enhancements Better Roblox offers:

  • Themes: The mặc định theme of the Roblox trang web is not the most inviting, and you can change it with this extension. You can choose from Sky, Simply Black, Red, Dark As Night, and other themes for không tính phí on BTRoblox.
  • Robux lớn Cash Conversion Rate: This is possibly one of the best features of this extension. If you are unsure of how much money you’ll need lớn buy an item, this extension converts the Robux required in your desired currency and displays it next lớn the item.
  • Redesigned Profile Page: This extension removes the tabbed interface and replaces it with a simple profile page that displays your avatar and post textbox on the left and experiences on the right. It also gives you the option lớn show inventory on the profile page and enable/disable your “last online” status.
  • Allows you lớn hide ads, show “Copy ID” context items, fast user tìm kiếm tư vấn, and many other advanced features.

Moreover, this extension also fixes some common problems with Roblox, including the issue where audio abruptly cuts off when you touch the play button. So, the BTRoblox seems lượt thích a must-have if you lượt thích lớn play Roblox games regularly. What other Roblox extensions bởi you use? Let us know in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BTRoblox Safe lớn Use?

Yeah, the BTRoblox extension is completely safe and legal lớn use. The extension has over 3 million users and glowing positive reviews, on the Chrome Web Store, and it is also an open-source software whose code is available on GitHub via the links here.

Who made BTR Roblox?

BTRoblox (or Better Roblox) is a Chrome and Firefox extension that’s made by AntiBoomz, a passionate Roblox player and developer. This extension modifies how the Roblox trang web looks and enhances its functionality as well.

Is Roblox extension legal?

Yes, it is legal lớn install and use extensions for Roblox. However, make sure lớn install the Roblox extension from a legitimate source, sánh you don’t accidentally get any virus or ransomware on your PC.

Is there an alternative lớn BTRoblox?

Yeah, if you are looking for another extension that lets you enhance the looks and functionality of the Roblox trang web, then kiểm tra out the RoPro extension. It supports a paid RoPro Plus subscription as well.

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